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10 Oct 2017 3:53 PM | Brian Dunhill (Administrator)

Herbert Hoover made his most famous triumph as president in a time of prosperity and hope, a time of promise and expectation. The Republican party even set out on the ambitious hope of eliminating poverty during his candidacy. On Friday October 13th we aren’t going to honor the President, although for any of you that have visited my office, you will know that he is one of my favourites (a man that set out on many of the economic principles that our countries still depend on today, luckily for you, I’ve been told that these are only traits that financiers and economist find exciting), so we will celebrate the great humanitarian and philanthropist! 

In 1914, Belgium, one of the most industrialized nations in the world was brought to the brink of starvation after WWI. Hoover, then a businessman in London along side with a series of others built a campaign to take care of their fellow beings in need. Not only taking care of the immediate needs, but after a surplus of funds were achieved, instead of returning them, kept the funds in Belgium to rebuild the University library in Leuven and to fund many educational projects between the two nations.

This foundation helped nester the mission of the American Club of Brussels mission statement, and we are honored to commemorate these great men of their times. It would be easy to stop here, but we are again in historic times. With over 65,000,000 immigrants outside of their host nations (a historic high) and nearly 2/3rds of the world living on less than a dollar a day, the responsibilities that we all have to our fellow man are more than they have ever been before! 

I would like to thank our sponsors, many of whom these companies sponsored Hoovers endeavors in 1914! ING, Deloitte, Solvey and Sofina. 

It is important that we all put our talent, time and tithe into resolving these calamities. We have a few friends of the American Club of Brussels that help these people in need every day! Chalks Corriette of Serve the City and Diana Grote of SB Overseas that help feed immigrants here in Brussels and help them with all their basic needs.…/wee…/breakfast4refugees/

Also, Sonia Nandzik of which is called that for the minimum distance it takes an immigrant to get to Europe and which helps identify refugee issues in partnership with Fresh Response that feeds immigrants on the front lines in Serbia on the border with Hungary. 

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday! 

Brian Dunhill
President – American Club of Brussels

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